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Updates Monday, December 22
Final 2014 Update Wednesday, December 31


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12-19-2014 - FINAL 2014 UPDATES

I'm sorry to inform you that my tight holiday schedule has prevented me from finishing page 196, which would have gone up on December 29. I will be working on this as hard as I can today and once I return from my family visit. It will be up on the website no later than December 31.

The year overall has had some hiccups, but I'm proud of the work that I've done on UTC from beginning to end. I will have released an unprecedented 46 pages and 3 covers during 2014. There were 50 weekly content updates, which is very close to my goal of 52. This makes 2014 UTC's most productive year! (The second-most productive was 2007 when the first 42 pages were released.)

I'm looking forward to 2015 when work on the comic will continue to press forward, Phase Two ends, Phase Three begins, and a whole new wave of changes sweeps over the comic...including a brand new website!

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.


Here are the final two pages of "Fur Will Fly"! This double update is to make up for the week that I missed in September.

But that's not all the new stuff this week...the audio commentary for Chapter 8: "New Tricks" is now available in the commentaries section!


I didn't have time to finish the second page before leaving to visit my family for Thanksgiving, so instead of two pages appearing on December 1, that will happen on the 8th instead. That will make it so that the last two pages of Chapter 9 appear together. Still good, right? Right.


I thought I would post this in case anyone's curious about how UTC is going to go for the near future. There is going to be a double-page update on December 1st. I promised to double up once before the year was out, and story-wise those two pages are the best ones to release back-to-back.

(All updates occur on Mondays at 4:00am Eastern U.S.)

NOV 17 - Regular update + Audio Commentary for Chapter 8
NOV 24 - Regular update
DEC 1 - Double update
DEC 8 - Regular update (final page of Chapter 9)
DEC 15 - Cover of Chapter 10
DEC 22 - Regular update (first page of Chapter 10)
DEC 29 - Regular update
...and so on until...
MAY 18 - Regular update (final page of Chapter 10 and Phase Two)

We have half a year to go before Phase Two is finally finished. I'm extremely proud of the work that has come out this year and that almost all of it was delivered on time. The May 18th end date is only one month later than my original projection!


Due to my new open work schedule, I've increased the number of rewards available to anyone who supports UTC on Patreon. You can now receive character sketches and physical rewards! Check out the UTC Patreon page for all the details.


The page scheduled for September 29 is being pushed back one week to October 6th. I am moving during the next two weeks. I have been trying to get ahead of schedule so a buffer could run during this time, however despite briefly being a week ahead, progress on the comic has almost completely stalled as I pack my belongings and say goodbye to the many people I have met and been privileged to call friends during my five years in the Hudson Valley.

I am making a proactive change in the way I develop my artistic skills. Over the past few years I have had precious little time to devote to working on my independent projects, including UTC. Starting in October, I am switching to a new career path that will--hopefully--position me for a dramatic increase in my creative output. What does this mean for UTC? It means I will finally have as much time to work on the comic as I need to make sure that it not only runs on schedule for the rest of Phase Two, but the quality improves as well.

At the start of the year I pledged to update UTC on every Monday in 2014. I am sorry to break that pledge next Monday. I will make that up to you with a double-page update before the year is over.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I'll see you on the other side!


UTC's Patreon campaign officially launches today! For those of you who have been looking for ways to support UTC and directly receive additional content in return, now is the time! Please have a look at the UTC Patreon page, which has an introductory video and a full description of all the current milestone goals and patron rewards. I expect to add more in the coming months. Feel free to contact me if there is anything you'd like to see added to the rewards. Thank you for reading and supporting UTC!


The UTC Patreon campaign launches next Monday, July 21 along with the next page of Chapter 9. Over on deviantArt, I've posted a preliminary listing of the milestone goals and patron rewards that I am expecting to offer. Please read the linked deviantArt journal and feel free to comment via deviantArt note or e-mail. If you are interested in supporting UTC financially I want to know what your thoughts are so that we can make this a rewarding campaign for everyone involved.

Patreon is a crowdfunding website that focuses on ongoing artistic projects. Instead of a one-time donation, like a backer would make on Kickstarter, Patreon backers pledge a dollar amount that recurs on a monthly basis. (Some Patreon campaigns pledge on a per-work-completed basis, but UTC's schedule is consistent enough that a monthly pledge is more feasible.)

It is my hope that the campaign will be successful enough that I will no longer have to look for additional sources of income beyond my full-time job. That would mean I can devote more time and energy into UTC and even produce some extra content beyond the 22-page chapters that comprise the main storyline. The Baaad Comics you've been seeing over the last few days are a small taste of what may come.

More information will be posted when the campaign launches. Feel free to join in the discussion, and thank you for considering your support for UTC!

07-09-2014 - I'M A BAAAD BOY

I am sorry I did not have a Monday update set before going on vacation. I am rectifying it by posting three quickie strips that I have now dubbed "The Baaad Comics". These will appear on-line every other day or so. UTC-proper is still set for a July 21st return.


Catomix now has a Twitter page that you can follow for up-to-the-minute updates. @CatomixComics

The hiatus has been extended by one week, starting today. My printer has broken down and a few other things have gone awry as well. I need to take a breather and focus. UTC will return on July 21st. Please check out this vlog explaining things. Also covered in the vlog is information about the upcoming UTC Patreon campaign and what I'm reading in the realm of comic books.

06-27-2014 - COMIC DELAY IN JULY

You may have noticed the first page of Chapter 9 of UTC was uploaded very late on Monday evening. I could blame a lot of different factors for this. In fact, I do. But the biggest factor was me. The long and the short of it is, I have taken on too much side work to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Some very close and very wise friends have advised me to throw on the brakes until I can get some backlogged projects finished. That is what I am going to do.

There will be no new pages posted on July 7th and 14th. Now, I promised at the beginning of the year to update the website every Monday, and that will not change. In place of new pages will be some sketchbook entries, which take a substantially shorter amount of time to create. UTC will resume regular updates on July 21st, at which point I expect to be finished with my backlog and once again fully committed to drawing the comic.

Thank you for your patience. I'm very proud of the work that has come out so far and I'm excited to show you what's in store for Cass, Flint and Noah in the second half of the year. Also, look for a Patreon campaign to go live for UTC once Chapter 9 is well under way!


The Chapter 7 commentary is still being edited. I have lots of long awkward pauses in my speech that take forever to cut out. I also devoted more time to today's cover than expected. Wanted to give it some nice shading, which makes it 100% nicer in my opinion. Look for the commentary tomorrow!


Today sees the final page of Chapter 8. I want to thank Jeff Walter for the fantastic job he did taking over the writing chores and giving us a wonderful and unique UTC story.

Next Monday will be an interim update as I continue to prep pages for Chapter 9. You'll see the cover for Chapter 9, as well as the long-awaited release of the Creator's Commentary of Chapter 7. The first page of Chapter 9 will go live two weeks from now on Monday, June 23, 2014.

Can't wait for the next story to start? Check out my Tumblr for little tidbits and sketches to be appearing over the next couple weeks.

The printed edition of Chapter 8 will be available through the IndyPlanet store in July.


Sorry for the delay on today's page. I had to focus on a few other things this weekend and couldn't get the coloring finished on time. I will have today's page finished up soon after I get back from work tonight. Expect it no later than 8pm EDT.


The links in the navigation bar have finally been updated! You can access all of the UTC comics listed at IndyPlanet by clicking on "STORE". Chapters 1-7 are available to buy either as printed comics or as PDFs. (Chapters 1-4 can of course be found collected in Volume 1.) Issues 5 and 6 are on sale as free PDFs, because they feature no additional content from what you see on this site. Chapter 7 has three pages of behind-the-scenes content exclusive to the IndyPlanet version that you will get if you order either the printed book or the PDF.

I also have a Tumblr now!

04-02-2014 - APRIL FOOLS

This week's pages are not canon. They were both an April Fools joke I put together. My thanks to Jeff for being cool with interrupring his storyline for a week and allowing me to indulge in a silly crossover with my Unfamiliar Reflection characters.

What ISN'T an April Fool is that I will be at MoCCA Arts Fest this weekend with Zebra Girl creator Joe England! If you're in the NYC area, stop by the 69th Regiment Armory at 25th St. and Lexington Avenue. We'll be selling our comics and drawing stuff and signing stuff and stuff.

03-24-2014 - CHAPTER 8, PAGE 12

I'm still working out the colors for today's page, which will have to wait until I get home from work. Sorry for the small delay. Expect the page up this evening. ("Evening" in the USA, that is.)

01-05-2014 - "NEW TRICKS" FOR A NEW YEAR

Happy New Year! Tomorrow begins a year-long stint of consistent Monday updates. My objective for 2014 is to devote as much time as possible to completing Phase Two. It's taken two years to reach the halfway point. I'm hoping to do much better this go-around. Chapters 8 and 9 will fully release this year, along with at least the beginning of Chapter 10.

This chapter is guest written by Jeff Walter. I asked him to pitch a story for Phase Two when I realized that I wouldn't have enough time to write a script to make a January deadline for Chapter 8. His assistance freed me up to finish the art chores on Chapter 7 by Halloween.

When he pitched his idea for a Keris-centric story, my first reaction was befuddled surprise, but he quickly won me over, and upon reading the full script, I became quite excited to draw the pages he had written. This chapter is a little different, in a good way, as I hope you will discover as the pages unfold.

So, thank you to my friend Jeff, and thank you, readers, for your patience as we bring another months-long hiatus to a close. Please enjoy Chapter 8 of UTC!


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